Why TwoPeople?

The great Ansel Adams once said "There are always two people in every picture: the photographer and the viewer". It's a truism that's often missed and it forms the foundation for my photography. Whilst I think it's never a good idea to compromise on my feel for a good photograph to satisfy popular appeal, I always bear in mind that a photograph should be a viewing experience; I want to share as much of what I felt when I pressed the shutter button with the viewer.

Whether I achieved that can only be judged by you, the viewer. So, have a look around the gallery and see if you can be the second person in the photograph.

Please feel free to comment on any particular photograph you like or leave a message in the guestbook. Alternatively, you can contact me for information or to discuss the purchase of a print.


Help for Heroes
11th September 2012
LRPS Application
04th September 2012
Exhibition at Cloud 9 Gallery
24th February 2012
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